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Your kitchen deserves the best ingredients and we've got them fresh off the Krause House farm. From rustic root vegetables, to savory greens, we have something that will add a fresh twist to your menu or store front!

Responsible natural farming.

Farm-fresh delights without additives or chemicals.

Enjoy Seasonal Offerings

Arkansas has a great range of weather for local produce and we use high tunnels to keep favorite crops available. We encourage our community to have a varied and nutritionally balanced diet by growing with the natural cycle of the seasons.

Farmer-to-Buyer Relationships

When you buy from our farm, you get to choose what you want to buy next! Our direct relationship with every customer provides the ability to adjust our offerings based on which produce is most popular!

Fresh & Nutrient-Dense Produce

We pick the cream of the crop, only giving you the most flavorful and nutrient-dense produce we offer. 

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Let us provide you with the ingredients your customers will rave about. Our Premium Salad Mix and Seasonal Heirloom Tomatoes anchor a splendid table presentation!

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Find out more about our farming practices, new products, and special events. Plus, learn about our values and how we strive to provide fresh food for our community!

Visit our farm & See for Yourself

Discover the Secret to Flavorful and Healthful Eating with Our Organic Practices.

We have just what you need, when you need it!

At Krause House Farms, we prioritize ensuring product availability so that you can find what you need when you need it.

Why buy our produce for your Restaurant?

Experience the Perfect Blend of Exceptional Taste and Stunning Plate Presentation


We grow our popular Premium Salad Mix all months of the year, save for December and January. All our other produce is seasonal.

We observe all organic practices, including refraining from using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. However, we are not USDA certified organic, but stay tuned!

You bet! Just use the contact button to arrange a visit.

We do. We offer a number of our high-volume products such as our premium salad mix, seasonal heirloom tomatoes, and mushrooms to retail and restaurant customers.

Growing natural produce in Ferndale, AR.

Our produce is grown with care and harvested at peak freshness. Discover our selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as our farm-raised meats!

Farm size

27 acres


Ferndale, Arkansas

Our Products

Responsibly grown farm products