Krause House Farms, your home for naturally-raised produce

At Krause House Farms, we take pride in growing naturally-raised premium farm products. We are a Certified Naturally Grown Market Farm and ogrow our produce without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We offer you only the best and freshest produce!

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We are a Certified Naturally Grown market farm that produces premium seasonal produce. Our salad mix, eggs, mushrooms, strawberries, and tomatoes are all grown and raised responsibly and with care. Just click "add to cart" then chose pickup or delivery!

We farm for the future

"Market farming" may not be a household term but it is getting more popular in rural and urban communities. At Krause House Farms, we are excited to be one of the few family-owned market farms in Arkansas! 

Fresh and Nutrient-Dense Produce

We pick the cream of the crop, giving you the most flavorful and nutritious produce.


Our fresh produce doesn't travel far, ensuring we keep our carbon footprint low while maintaining the freshest products!

Community Connection

We love our community and want to fortify it with fresh and natural produce for individuals, families, restaurants, and retailers. We also offer farm tours and workshops to teach members of our community the joys of farming sustainably and responsibly!

From our farm to your table

Are you interested in using our products to prepare the most delicious farm-to-table meals at you restaurant? Contact us for additional information on our Wholesale Program.