Inspiring a tradition of good eating and good living.

Buying from Krause House Farms means you are buying food that not only tastes better, it is better for you! It means you'l be eating only the freshest, seasonal foods we have to offer. We provide direct produce through our online shop, participating in local farmer's markets, and selling our farm fresh selections wholesale to retailers and restaurants.
From our farm to your table

We prioritize freshness, offering you fruits, vegetables, and other produce and farm products that we harvest at peak freshness. 

Naturally-raised, responsibly-grown.

Farm-fresh delights without additives or chemicals, so you don't have to worry about what's in the food you put on the table for your family. 

Biodiversity and Crop Diversity

We grow a diverse range of crops on our market farm, promoting biodiversity and contributing to healthier ecosystems for our land overall. 

Environmental Sustainability

Our dedication to sustainable farming includes reduced transportation distances for our produce. We also use organic and regenerative farming methods that prioritize soil health.

Positive Economic Impact

Market farming contributes to Arkanasas' economy by providing employment opportunities and supporting other local businesses. 

See us at the next community event

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Stay tuned to find out more about our farming practices, new products, and special events. Plus, learn about our values and how we strive to provide fresh food for our community!