The faces behind the farm.

At Krause House Farms, we are family-owned and operated.

The Krause Farming Crew

A family business built for growing. Krause House Farms is a first-generation family farm located in Ferndale, Arkansas. The Krause family is committed to raising our produce in a naturally-grown way that doesn't use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. It is important to us to offer you only the best, responsibly-raised products.

Serving our community

We are a family serving our community. Kent decided, along with his wife Michelle, to start a market farm in Ferndale, Arkansas after retiring from his job as a public defender. Farming had always been on Kent's bucket list and Krause House Farms was just the place.We decided to start a market farm after retiring from our nine-to-five jobs. Market farming creates a direct "pipeline" from grower to consumer. Your feedback helps us know what to grow so we can make adjustments based on preference and create better produce options to bring to our community. Market farming also focuses on more sustainable farming practices by stimulating the local economy, reducing dependence on large-scale agriculture, and preserving rural landscapes. 

Growing natural produce in Ferndale, AR.

Our produce is grown with care and harvested at peak freshness. Discover our selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as our farm-raised meats!

Farm size

27 acres


Ferndale, Arkansas

Our Products

Your home of naturally-raised produce!