Straw Bale for Gardening!

Straw Bale for Gardening!

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Here is your opportunity to try Straw Bales gardening!  These are standard rectangular wheat straw bales.  Perfect for growing virtually anything.  The bales are container and soil in one, so to speak.  They can go anywhere you have full sun. We use them on the Farm for growing all our tomatoes.  Herbicide and pesticide free.  

Don’t forget to grab a bag or two of Krause House Farms Natural Blend Fertilizer.  You’ll need that to condition your bales.

 How to condition your straw bales:

 Make sure your bales are cut side up (just ask, we’ll show you!)

 Day 1 - Water thoroughly until water runs or the bottom

 Day 2 - Repeat

 Day 3 - Sprinkle a cup of high nitrogen fertilizer, blood meal or urea are good choices (urea is a chemically organic carbon compound) then water

 Day 4 - Water

 Day 5 - Add a cup of pelletized lime or dolomitic lime. Then water.

 Day 6 - Water

 Day 7 - Add another cup high nitrogen fertilizer and water, but not so it runs out.

 Day 8 - Water as in day 7

 Day 9 - Add a cup of Krause House Farms Natural Blend Fertilizer or other balanced fertilizer. Water as in days 7 and 8.

 Day 9 - Water

 Day 10 - one cup KFH Natural Blend Fertilizer and water as above.

 Days 11-14 - Keep bales moist, but not soggy.  They should be conditioned after 2 weeks and ready to plant!


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